Principal Investigator
- David Sugden

- Mary Chambers
- Andrea Utley

University of Leeds

Funded by:
The Economic Science Research Council in collaboration with:

Amanda Kirby, Director of the Dyscovery Centre, Cardiff and with assistance from the Dyscovery Trust which contributed additional funding.

ESRC Seminar Series
Developmental Coordination Disorder
LEEDS 2004-2005

This seminar series brought together professionals from a wide range of disciplines including health, psychology, education and sports science to discuss, analyse, synthesise and gain agreement for a consensus statement regarding the condition of DCD.

Seminar 1 – Concepts and Definitions
(19th/20th November 2004)

Seminar 2 – Assessment
(22nd/23rd April 2005)

Seminar 3 – Characteristics and Comorbidity
(24th/25th June 2005)

Seminar 4 – Intervention
(11th/12th November 2005)

A final meeting was held on Friday 27th January 2006. This meeting was not in the original plans but colleagues asked for a final meeting to discuss ways forward from the whole Seminar Series.

Visiting keynote speakers:

· Anna Barnett – England
· Reint Geuze – Holland
· Dido Green – England
· Sheila Henderson – England
· Elisabeth Hill – England
· Marion Jongmans – Holland
· Amanda Kirby – Wales
· Cheryl Missiuna – Canada
· Mark Mon-Williams – Scotland
· Bouwien Smits-Englesman – Holland
· David Sugden – England
· Mike Wade – USA
· Peter Wilson – Australia

Seminar Series Participants

Professor David Sugden – University of Leeds
Dr Mary Chambers – University of Leeds
Dr Andrea Utley – University of Leeds
Dr Amanda Kirby – The Dyscovery Centre, University of Wales, Newport
Lois Addy – St John’s College, York
Dr Sarah Astill – University of Leeds
Dr Gillian Baird – Guy’s Hospital, London
Dr Anna Barnett – Oxford Brookes University
Dr Margaret Cousins – University of Central Lancashire
Jonathan Doherty – Leeds Metropolitan University
Sharon Drew – Independent
Carolyn Dunford – Eveswell Children’s Centre
Professor Reint Geuze – University of Groningen
Dido Green – Newcome Centre, Guy’s Hospital
Professor Leslie Henderson – Emeritus Professor University of Hertfordshire
Professor Sheila Henderson – Institute of Education, London, and Visiting Professor, University of Leeds
Dr Elisabeth Hill – Goldsmiths College
Dan Johnson – University of Minneapolis
Professor Dr Marion Jongmans – University of Utrecht
Nichola Jones – Bridgend LEA
Ann Markee – Warwickshire Health Authority
Dr Cheryl Missiuna – McMaster University, Canada
Dr Mark Mon-Williams – University of Aberdeen
Dr Anne O’Hare – University of Edinburgh
Judith Peters – Great Ormond Street Hospital
Dr Madeline Portwood – Durham LEA
Mrs Joanne Pottage – NASEN
Clare Sangster – University of Cambridge
Dr Marina M Schoemaker – University of Groningen
Charikleia Sinani – Leeds Metropolitan University
Professor Bouwien C M Smits-Engelsman – University of Nijmegen
Professor Mary Smyth – University of Lancaster
Dr Elizabeth Stephenson – Aberdeen
Dr Philip Vickerman – Liverpool John Moores University
Dr Chiel Volman – University of Utrecht
Professor Dr Michael G Wade – University of Minnesota
Professor John Wann – University of Reading
Angela Webb – London-health
Dr Peter Wilson – RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Dr Stephania Zoia – University of Trieste, Italy